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Last updated on Sep 30, 2018 10:30 in Vendor Support
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What is UpSell URL and How is it set up?

UpSell URL is an essential and useful tool to expand your sales channel. As soon as the product has been sold, you can redirect to a different product and reach a new sales target.

To give an example strategically;

Let's say you have a dog training website where you sell different products in the relationship with dog training. Your customer decides on a product and buys it. Immediately after completing the purchase, AffRunner will redirect the customer to the UpSell page with the message, "Your payment has been successfully received! The vendor has a special offer for you. Please wait.

It is a good idea at this point to give a special offer to the customer who has already made a payment. Say you have A and B product. Now the customer has paid for product A. Product B usually costs $99 on your website. Because the customer has already paid, he will receive a one-time offer of %10.

This way is just an example. You can expand that according to your strategy.

How to Setup the UpSell Option?

1. Click on UpSell URL tab on the edit product page.
2. Check the box to enable the UpSell feature.
3. Type in your UpSell Page URL which should create on your website.
4. Click on Save Settings.

That's it you are now ready to use the UpSell URL feature.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone