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Last updated on Sep 30, 2018 10:45 in Vendor Support
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What is Affiliate Setting How it Works?

Under the Affiliate Settings tab, you can set up your commission rate, AffLink, Product description (only show to affiliates), add you Affiliate page URL.

Let's talk about the fields you see in the picture;

  1. Publication Type - 3 options available

- Public (All Affiliates can start to promote the product any time)
- Public with manual approval (All Affiliates can see the product but need to click the link for your approval. You need to approve the application before Affiliate can start to promote.)
- Visible only for invited affiliates (The added product is only visible for invited affiliates)

2. Commission Rate - Setup your commission rate in % for each sale that comes from an affiliate.

3. Affiliate Page URL - Is the best way to give your affiliates promotion materials like PDF, Banners, etc. or give some strategically advises how to get more sales.

4. Affiliate Link - Put your sales page URL here

5. Description - This description is only visible to affiliate members. This section is the best way to attract them to promote your product.

That's it; you can update the details at any time under the Affiliate Setting tab by click on the edit button.

If you have any question please open a support ticket.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone