What is Referral ID and why it is needed? 0 0

Last updated on Sep 30, 2018 15:36 in Affiliate Support
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The Referral ID is a critical feature. Each affiliate has his/her unique ID generated by our tracking system which is called User ID (or Affiliate ID). The tracking system creates your affiliate link with the given Referral ID. If your affiliate link is clicked on and it comes to a sale, the tracking system knows through the Referral ID exactly to which affiliate this sale must be arranged.

Example AffLink;

Tip: After adding your AffLink to your website or blog post make a test. Click on your link and see if you will be redirected to the correct SalesPage. And at last check the "Clicks List" under Reports in your Affiliate Panel. Generally, the click tracking will show after 5-10 munites in the Clicks List table. 

** The time is base on UTC timezone